A letter to my future self

So, I’ve seen many people do this on this platform and I’ve decided to try it out as well! Here is a letter to my future self (I’m aiming for a 22 years old Tarushi here, just so you know)

Dear future me,

Guess it’s been long, huh. So, how have things been lately? How are you catching up with your studies or job (or whatever you’re doing now?) Well, I’m pretty sure you would remember COVID-19! I mean, who could even forget this thing going around killing innocent people!?

Okay, so next on my list is this:

  1. Have you managed to be a bit mature and keep your house tidy?
  2. I hope you haven’t forgotten the tricks to annoy everyone.
  3. Have you caught up with old friends?
  4. Were you happy with me, your childhood? (You better be🧐)

Moving on, do you still feel the breeze around you? Like the nature, is it still there and not ruined by some crisis going on around you? Here, things are pretty good and weather’s pretty nice. It’s summer and the Netherlands is currently on fire. They opened school since the coronavirus situation is better than before and people are sunbathing everywhere. They’re near the canals and they’re on the beach, in the garden (where there are A LOT of deers) and any place you can think of right now.

By the way, just enjoy life. Don’t be like some adults who are always stuck between family and work so, go on a vacation and go shopping, wherever you are. As long as you have your family and your big brother to annoy, you are moving just fine, according to your 12 year old self! You rock, girl!! Congratulations for acing your college exams and remember, I will always be a part of you. Wake me up anytime and I’ll help you to, you know, do anything you want.

It’s weird you’re reading this in some other city, country, working hard, while I’m just here….being the lazy sloth I am. Remember one more thing:

YOu Are Also a LaZy SloTH (because you are me and I am you!)

Well, be yourself. Don’t let anyone snatch that away from you. Be the lion who roars with pride and power. I will always love you and I hope that you will always love meπŸ€“


Your Childhood

This is a personal letter but it does contain some lessons which should be applied in everyone’s lives. For example, relaxing yourself and be proud of who you are and who you will be in the future…

By Tarushi


Tarushi Parashar View All →

Hi! I am a 13-year-old currently studying in the Netherlands. For 5 years, I was studying in London and moved to India for some time in July 2019. First of all, I love playing the western flute and have been playing for quite a few years now. Playing and also, listening to music is definitely my passion. Some sports I enjoy playing are badminton, netball, swimming, football, cricket (these are the top 5!). Ok, so let’s talk about poetry. I wrote my first poem in a primary school in England and this inspired me to start writing poems on WordPress. Some of my recent poems are about global issues such as climate change, depression, bullying etc. Writing poetry is another passion of mine…so, check out my poems on WordPress. I don’t know what else I could say here so, hope you love my poems…..happy reading!!

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  1. That was so sweet and hilarious! I loved it! It’s a nice feeling talking to your future self, isn’t it? It’s so much like a dream, like you’re imagining yourself to have specific qualities and still being the same as earlier….

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