Cycle of Life

Breathing, fighting, living

believing, receiving, giving,

doing a bit of everything everyday

as our hair slowly turns grey.

Some lives filled with clouds, some with colours

some living more, some living less than others,

some living with a roof above their head

but some living wrapped in a thin blanket instead.

Busy trying to live the perfect lifestyle

but can’t manage to put on a cheerful smile,

busy trying to plan out future plans

with discarded bruised hands.

Wasted a childhood wanting to grow

wasted an adulthood thinking about yesterday, not tomorrow.

Happy days, sad days, heads spinning

I guess it’s time for a new beginning

getting lonely, everyday losing a friend

what if it’s more of an end?

Grey hair, shivering limbs,

hardly surviving in the gym

grey hair, quiet voices

it’s so hard living around all these noises.

Last few inhales and exhales

let’s not get into details

can’t live with all this violence

so let’s travel to world of silence.

By Tarushi


Tarushi Parashar View All →

Hi! I am a 13-year-old currently studying in the Netherlands. For 5 years, I was studying in London and moved to India for some time in July 2019. First of all, I love playing the western flute and have been playing for quite a few years now. Playing and also, listening to music is definitely my passion. Some sports I enjoy playing are badminton, netball, swimming, football, cricket (these are the top 5!). Ok, so let’s talk about poetry. I wrote my first poem in a primary school in England and this inspired me to start writing poems on WordPress. Some of my recent poems are about global issues such as climate change, depression, bullying etc. Writing poetry is another passion of mine…so, check out my poems on WordPress. I don’t know what else I could say here so, hope you love my poems…..happy reading!!

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  1. The last two lines are FANTASTIC !!!!
    Also- thank you very much for following my blog!! ;D
    Sidenote- your poem kinda reminds of this other one I wrote a while back on my other blog. You write very, VERY well!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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